WordPress: From Homebrew to Turnkey (Part 2)

This post is part two of three in a series called “From Homebrew to Turnkey,” which covers WordPress’s climb up the value chain, and the trend of turnkey website packages that help people and businesses build platforms. If you haven’t read the first yet, go back and start there. Initially, this series was inspired by …

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WordPress: From Homebrew to Turnkey

One of our clients recently recommended that I listen to a podcast by a guy named Ray Edwards, a business expert with a huge online following. I listened to it while I was running at the gym, and am glad I did, because what he said will affect people involved in WordPress—you and me. In …

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Is WordPress Over the Hill?

Recently, Khuram Malik, a marketing strategist, wrote a blistering takedown of WordPress. He basically called it a relic, an unwieldy clunker, vulnerable to competition once people realized it sucked. Chris Lema, an authority in the WordPress community and someone whose blog I read each week, responded, defending WordPress. Both posts resonated with me. As in …

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