Compare Evermore Hosting with Budget and Managed WordPress Options

When you compare Evermore to other hosting options you will see we take an entirely new approach to “hosting”. With most companies, you’re simply paying to rent some space on a server for your websiteā€”dealing with the technical details is mostly left up to you. We think you ought to spend your time working on your business or nonprofit! Evermore offers significantly more value by taking care of all the details for you. Plus, our support goes way beyond cookie cutter technical answers: it’s our goal to empower you with your site! You won’t get a response asking you to learn how to code or go contact a developer. You’ll get the answer you need.

In case you think that added value means you sacrifice performance, never fear! We ensure your site is as performant as possible, matchingā€”and often surpassingā€”results on hosts offered managed WordPress solutions.

Download PDFSee the difference! Use the table below to compare Evermore and its benefits to the realities of managed WordPress hosting and standard, budget hosting.

[table id=2 /]

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