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Kyle BowmanWe’re pioneering a new way for businesses to build and maintain quality websites. With Evermore, your site becomes a platform: a powerful suite of business tools running a beautiful, fast, secure site—all to help you focus on making your business succeed.

This new way works because products like Squarespace and Wix fall short when it comes to tools that help you run your business, while hiring an agency is often not in the budget (monetary or time-wise). Even with the margins, it can be difficult to find the right people. You need excellence both during the project and after it’s launched. After all, your website only becomes more important to your business once the process of building it is over!

There are three key components that allow this new model to be sustainable in serving the quite underserved small businesses and nonprofits: time, trust, and communication.


With agency-quality sites being built on Evermore, it’s easy to assume we operate like an agency. We don’t. Through years of research and conversation, we’ve found the traditional client/agency relationship to be inefficient, causing small businesses to focus on the exact wrong things.

Think about it: in most situations, you’re paying by the hour for an agency, and that type of billing is their lifeblood. They’re happy to discuss every thought and feeling … at $100+ per hour. That isn’t wrong, it’s just designed for larger accounts. As a small organization, you need to get going on your business, not discuss every detail.

With Evermore, we’ve already put in the work so that you can benefit from the processes we’ve built. It cuts down on time for everyone, keeping Evermore affordable, and providing you with the tools you need to succeed first. So, after your site is ready, we’ll promptly answer your questions and help you learn about the tools at your disposal. If you want us to “just do it for you”, we may take on that work for a fee, or point you to a qualified professional.

Here are some ways we stay so lean and empower you by staying in control of time.


We literally can’t count the number of businesses we’ve talked to that have wasted weeks and months on branding before their business even got off the ground. Yes, first impressions are important, and you don’t want something bad representing you, but there are many ways to start with simple, effective branding at a very low cost point. Ask us if you don’t believe it.

Even worse than wasting all that time on branding (for little ROI) is that it often holds up your website as well. You have a service, a product, or a cause that you need to champion! That’s what will connect with people and help your business prosper.

So, Evermore doesn’t do branding. We’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Content Creation & Copywriting

Evermore’s pricing doesn’t include content generation or editing. Again, we start by giving you the tools you need to succeed online, and we keep costs low by not trying to guess how much time is needed to do conversational things like writing about your organization or doing your branding.

Our Branded package includes creating and formatting up to ten pages (and five products) for you right off the bat. This is designed to give you a head start if you’re moving from an old website, or if you’ve got your content ready to go in a Word document.

If you need copywriting services, let us know. We do take on a limited number of clients at our own rate, but we can also connect you with quality people who can help. A great perk of your Evermore site being built on WordPress is that anyone familiar with writing online can jump right in.

SEO & Content Strategy

As with branding and content creation, building a strategy to help your business succeed with inbound marketing and search engines is time-consuming. It’s a process that involves lots of time and conversation if you’re doing it right. Evermore has great tools built in that help you optimize your content for search engines, but we don’t offer personal strategizing. We can send you to some great people that’ll help you meet your goals.

Custom Code Development

Custom functionality is rarely cut-and-dry—take it from someone who’s been doing it for a long time (one of the founders, Cliff). It takes time and conversation to get the goals right before the building even starts. After the code is completed and verifiably bug-free, there’s still the issue of maintenance. What if something starts conflicting with the functionality? There are often several points of potential failure in custom code.

While we occasionally write custom code at an hourly rate, we try to keep this down. We’ll often turn down money to do custom additions to a site. Why? We’re laser focused on building a sustainable, valuable platform for our customers, so we’d rather spend development time improving what we already offer. Besides, a requirement of substantial custom code likely points to the need for something different than Evermore was designed for, and we’re not afraid to point you back towards an agency. We’re serious about helping you succeed.

When we want to add a new feature (or a customer requests something useful), we attempt to find a solution that would bring value to more Evermore customers instead of building one-off solutions for individual customers.

So: light customizations that need to be done with code? Let’s talk. Heavy coding that integrates with multiple third-party services and has lots of strict requirements? If it can’t happen with our powerful Zapier integration, and we can’t find a way to bring value to more customers than just you, we’re likely to help you find a more customizable (and expensive) solution than Evermore.


Evermore is built on decades of experience. When you sign up, you’re hiring experts to deliver a powerful, beautiful website to you within days at a fraction of the usual cost. We know how to help your business succeed with an online platform, and all that knowledge is baked right into your site.

With our branded packages, you get a site that’s ready to go within 5 or 7 days of receiving your content. In order for that to happen, you have to trust our expertise. We want your website to be attractive and useful to your customers, so your content is formatted and your design customized based on best practices and all those years of experience. Trust us when we tell you you don’t need a flashy, blinking slider or stock ticker or silly photo on your homepage.


Your questions are promptly answered by email. We’ve found it’s the most efficient way to help our customers so that they can continue on with running their business—not sitting on hold or waiting on a chat agent. Since we monitor your site’s status proactively, there’s very rarely any sort of “emergency”. If there is one, and we’re not already working on it somehow, we’re able to see these tickets come in and prioritize.

You’re in good hands, and we’ll respond promptly. Refusing to over-promise and under-deliver with phone support keeps us affordable for small businesses and nonprofits.

With Evermore, you don’t have to compromise; you simply benefit from decades of experience and years of work to design a more efficient website-building process. Although we won’t provide a completely personal, agency-like experience, we can delight you with the outcome: a site that not only looks high-quality, but runs and scales without compromise.

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Written by Cliff Seal. Last Updated 9 years ago.
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