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cliffGreat content can draw potential customers to your business site. You can establish credibility, talk about your offerings, and be helpful. The approach is called inbound marketing, and it’s a proven way to get more of the right people looking at your business.

All the fantastic web traffic in the world won’t matter to your business unless it helps you meet your goals, though. You need to turn those visitors into customers! Evermore’s built-in forms functionality will help you do just that—whether you’re building a simple “Contact Us” form, getting subscribers for a newsletter, or collecting actual payments.

Visual Form Builder

Evermore's Visual Form BuilderBuilding any form on your Evermore site is easy, thanks to being powered by Gravity Forms, the long-time leader in robust forms solutions for WordPress.

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to add all sorts of fields to your form and rearrange them with ease. It’s not limited to standard form fields, like text inputs, dropdowns, and checkboxes—you can capture names, addresses, phone numbers, and even file uploads.

As with everything else on Evermore: no coding is necessary.

Conditional Fields and Multi-Page Forms

Evermore's Conditional Fields and Multi-Page FormsSometimes, you might need to ask more specific questions based on previous answers in the form. That’s easy! Conditional fields allow you to show or hide fields, entire sections, and even the submit button based on what your visitor has filled out so far. This lets you keep your forms short and relevant, which increases your conversions.

Even further, you can create forms that span multiple pages (complete with a progress bar), making longer forms easier. Combine this with the conditional fields to direct users to certain pages based on their responses.

Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes

It doesn’t just stop at forms, either. Want to take a poll from your readers? Done. You can keep the results private or let everyone see them.

Or, maybe you have an engaging quiz to offer users. Easy! They get automatically scored once complete, and you can even customize the grading method.

You can also build full-scale surveys with ease. Perform research, get customer feedback, or survey your coworkers, and get all the data back you need.

Limits, Scheduling, and Content Creating

Evermore's Form SchedulingYou can limit how many entries a form will accept in a given timeframe (day, week, month, year, or total), and you can schedule when a form is available and when it expires. That can really come in handy when running a promotion.

You can also easily build forms that create blog posts—perfect for contributing authors to write for your blog or visitors to submit events for a community calendar.

Powerful Integrations

Here’s where you can really start to optimize your business workflow: your forms can interact with a bunch of great external services.

Got an existing email newsletter provider? Your forms can automatically add subscribers directly to MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor. No need to add them manually.

You can even get text message notifications through Twilio. Or, if you’re ready for nearly limitless integration possibilities, you can set up zaps in Zapier, which features 200+ online services (like Salesforce, Gmail, Evernote, and Dropbox).

Simple Payment Systems

Evermore's Simple Payment SystemsSurprised at everything forms can do yet? We can add payments to that list as well!

Perhaps you want to sell just a few items and don’t need an entire store with inventory management (which is available in our Store package). Or you want to accept donations. Or you want customers to name their own price for something.

It’s all easily accomplish with the same forms. You’ll just add product, option, shipping, and total calculations fields to your form, and users can pay through your preferred gateway. We currently support Paypal (Payments Standard, Payments Pro, and Pro), Stripe, and Authorize.Net. You can even create coupon codes to give customers a discount.

Your website is more than a brochure—it’s how most people interact with your business. With a great form solution, you can convert visitors into customers in countless ways. You’ll never look at a contact form the same way again.

Contact us if you have any questions at all.

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Written by Cliff Seal. Last Updated 10 years ago.
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