Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my own changes?

Of course! We started Evermore to put you in charge of your own content. In the past, people were forced to pay their “web guy” to make minor wording changes. With Evermore, those days are gone. You are your own “web guy” and can add, modify, and delete your content whenever you would like.

How do your packages work?

We have three packages:

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Tailored

When you sign up for our starter package, we take care of the technical headache of setting up, installing, and running a web site, and release you to work on the content, design, colors, etc. We will present you with a site with dummy content, which you will make your own.

When you sign up for our professional package, we take care of everything included in the starter kit plus we put in your content (up to 10 pages and/or 5 products) and assist you with design and colors. In short, your website is completely done. We take care of everything, and no tinkering is required of you. Please note that this assumes your content (copy, pictures, videos, etc.) is ready for us.

When you sign up for our tailored package, we use our experience to match you with an agency that best suits your needs. You’ll then get 10 agency hours to assist you with copywriting, graphic design, SEO, and more.

When will my site be ready?

If you sign up for our starter package, you will be adding your content within 48 hours. 

With our professional package, your site will be ready to go live within five days of the date we receive all of your content.

The turnaround time for the tailored package depends on the customer needs.

Will you migrate all of my content to my new site?

When you sign up for our starter package, you are responsible for migrating all of your content. If you’re moving content from an existing WordPress installation, you can use the built-in import/export tool.

With our professional package, we assist customers in inputting and formatting up to 10 pages of content (and/or up to 5 products). If you’re moving content from an existing WordPress installation, we’ll use the built-in import/export tool to move everything. If you want to migrate content from another content management platform, we may be able to import everything, depending on the options offered by that platform. If it proves difficult, we will either set up your 10 pages/5 products manually and equip you to migrate the rest of your content, or we will arrange an additional fee and timeframe to move everything for you (if possible).

If you are interested in our tailored package, please contact us to discuss.

Will you help me choose a design? 

Of course! We are experts at choosing the right design for your needs. Assistance with design selection is included in both of our packages.

Will you help me determine what plugins I need?

Of course! We have deep business knowledge and can help you determine the tools that will take your business to the next level.

What if I need help after my site is built? 

We put you in full control of your site. You are absolutely in the driver’s seat, but we understand that you may want assistance from time to time. Please contact us to discuss paid options as well as our loyalty program.

What if I want to take my site and leave town?

With Evermore, you have no contract. We believe you won’t want to leave unless you outgrow us. Not having a contract gives us the motivation to keep you happy.

However, in the case that you do wish to part ways, rest assured there will be no awkward breakup or high pressure conversation from customer service. Simply submit a ticket and we will zip up and send you your site, which you can take to the host of your choice. Your site will look and function exactly as it does on Evermore, but you may need to purchase your own licenses for future theme and plugin updates and support.

We are happy when customers outgrow us. It means we’ve done our job and a happy customer is our best marketing tool. For example, a restaurant may decide to franchise and want a completely custom developed sites for multiple locations. In that case, they are free to leave with a site that can be worked on by any WordPress developer. No hassle and no time or lost money starting from scratch!

Who handles upgrades and maintenance?

We handle all upgrades to WordPress core, themes (designs), and plugins. For that, there is no process, we handle everything behind the scenes on your behalf.

How do I get support?

Getting support is simple. Simply email [email protected], and we’ll be in touch. 

What is the turnaround time for support?

The typical turnaround time for issues is 24-48 hours. We respond as quickly as possible. We may have further questions for you, so please be in touch if you’ve requested support. 

If you believe you need support for a security issue, we are either already working on it, or will prioritize it immediately. You’re in good hands.

Where will my site be hosted?

All our sites are hosted on a series of cloud servers dedicated to Evermore. Thanks to that, we can provide extremely fast and secure hosting that our customers need to succeed with SEO, conversions, eCommerce transactions, and more.

What tools do you offer?

Evermore is designed to power businesses and nonprofits. We offer pretty much every feature you’ll ever need:

  • Events calendar
  • Form builder
  • Archives
  • SEO tools
  • CRM and analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Podcast
  • News / Announcements / Blog
  • Staff profiles
  • HR management: easily create staff profiles, list open positions, and take job applications
  • Social media integration
  • World Class ecommerce tools
  • Donations
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Customer service chat solution
  • Endless Integrations: connect over 300 apps into powerful workflows with our Zapier integration. Connect Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Freshbooks, email, and so many more apps together into automated tasks—all triggered by a simple form submission.

Evermore is powered by WordPress, the Web’s most popular content management system, with a gigantic ecosystem of add-ons. We are always adding new features.

What if I need a tool you don’t offer?

We have a tremendous amount of business tools that come standard with our platform. Unless you have something incredibly specific you believe you will require in the future, we should have you covered. Ask us any questions you have, because it’s impossible for us to show all of the offered functionality. Our integration with Zapier alone offers connectivity with 300+ apps.

We are adding new features all the time, usually at the request of customers, or when it makes sense for everyone. Again, feel free to ask us about anything you need, as we may be able to help you use existing tools, or we may be able to vet and add new functionality.

Of course, there may be cases where we simply cannot meet your specific needs. For instance, let’s say that, two years from now, you need a custom gizmo not available on Evermore. Since you don’t have a contract, you can easily move your site to another host of your choice—no questions asked. We can connect you with our partners who are best suited to handle your needs, or you can choose your own. Evermore is built on open-source technology and will work exactly as-is on almost any host in the world. The only thing you may need to do is buy support and upgrade licenses for certain designs and pieces of functionality (Evermore pays these for you when you’re a customer). You’re then able to hire a WordPress contractor (or buy some code) that meets your specific need. You won’t have to start over again, wasting time and money. You can just build on top of what we have already accomplished together.

Is the Evermore Platform easy to learn and use?

The Evermore platform is built with WordPress, which is very user-friendly and the most popular CMS in the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to teach customers WordPress. Our customers have several learning options including interactive tutorials, videos built into the dashboard, and access to Evermore’s knowledgeable and friendly support staff.

What does the $50 plan cover?

  • Fast, reliable hosting. Our environment is comparable to (and often better than) $25/month+ managed WordPress hosting. The servers are perfectly tuned to your website, so your site stays up and stays fast.
  • Access to all current and future features we offer (thousands of dollars in value). We pay the licensing fees and work directly with the best “plugin” developers in the world to offer premium features to you at no additional cost. We add new features regularly, and they become immediately available to you.
  • Maintenance and updates to all software powering your website. We keep both the core platform your site is built on and all your features completely up to date. This is important for two reasons: a better experience and security. Both WordPress itself and these features are continually improving, so you get all the new functionality automatically. Perhaps more importantly, though, not updating any script on your website leaves you vulnerable to hackers. There are external companies you can contract with to do this, like WP Site Care or Maintainn, and they cost $29/month and up.
  • Security monitoring and intervention. Security monitoring usually costs money as it is, but then you either spend hours trying to fix it yourself or you pay someone and have to give them access to your site. Not only do we monitor your site, but we’re able to fix it immediately without even needing to bother you with it.
  • Site backups. There isn’t much of a possibility for things breaking on Evermore, because we’ve designed it that way, but your information is secure in case it does.
  • Video tutorials. Helpful video tutorials are available right in the admin area of your site that guide you through common tasks.
  • Email support for questions you have. Most hosting providers won’t answer questions specific to “plugins” (features), or how to use your WordPress site. We support your entire website environment, so we can answer any question you have.
  • Up to 50,000 monthly visits 

What does the $75 plan cover? 

The $75 plan includes everything listed above along with:

  • Robust eCommerce capabilities, including inventory management and support of a wide array of payment gateways
  • SSL support
  • Up to 100,000 monthly visits (if you need more, please contact us to discuss)

Why shouldn’t I host my own site and save money?

Evermore is for businesses that mean business. Businesses need more than Godaddy, they need managed hosting. Based solely on the lowest tiers of managed hosting and remote maintenance, Evermore is less expensive while being a better value, because we offer everything in one place—no need to contact different support channels for different features and keep up with different licenses. Further, we handle security in a more encompassing manner, protecting you from all sorts of issues.

Evermore also ensures you don’t lose money in the long run. Independent web folks and small agencies often can’t scale their support and maintenance of a small business website, so it falls by the wayside (because they think you won’t know any better) or they have to get a monthly retainer. When they lose interest or need more scalable revenue, they leave the small business market, and those small businesses lose “their guy” and have to start all over the next time they want something substantial done to their site. It ends up costing a lot of unnecessary time and money. Our business model is solving this problem, because we designed our own platform and environment to properly scale. 

That’s a lot to take in, but that’s exactly why we’re simplifying the process for people by rolling it all into one plan. Our customers are loving the value, and people inside the WordPress community keep telling us our prices are too cheap.

What if I want to change designs? 

One of the great things about Evermore is that you can change your design anytime. We are constantly coming out with new designs that you might like more. However, it make take some tweaking. You may need to adjust your “widget” settings and locations and resize images. We will happily reset your site to its original state for your new theme, but you’ll have to put your content back in. Feel free to get in touch to discuss.

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