Introducing: Monthly SEO & Content Updating Packages

Today, we’re excited to announce three packages available through our partner, CESquared, designed exclusively for Evermore customers. Ranging from $59/month to $199/month, these content updating and SEO plans scale to meet the needs of many busy small businesses and nonprofits.

We take content seriously—homepage copy, images, page titles, blog posts, and everything else—and we encourage our customers to do the same. That content relays your message to your visitors, leading them towards completing a purchase or getting involved. That same content also tells search engines what your site is about and when to offer it up as a search result.

A good portion of the Evermore blog itself revolves around helping you write great content (and making sure Google likes it, too).

We’ve long taken the stance that you’re most empowered when you can manage your own content. That obviously starts with a website platform you know how to use—which is why education is a key part of our model—but it extends to making your own updates and edits when you can. Organizations that feel in control of their content tend to think more strategically about it.

Yet, sometimes those organizations simply need a hand getting everything done! Even when your website is being fully managed, it can be tough to stay on top of necessary updates and monitoring SEO.

The three packages from CESquared for Evermore customers are affordable ways to offload some (or all) of that work to a trusted source. They offer different configurations of hourly content updating, as well as SEO tweaks, reports, and optimization.

Whether you need a location-based SEO strategy or just a little help keeping things updated, we encourage our customers to take a look at the plans and see if one may be right for their organization.

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Written by April Seal. Last Updated 8 years ago.
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