Native CRM, Form Entry Improvements, and WordPress 4.0

Last week, we added some great features to Evermore that every customer automatically received in addition to updating WordPress to the brand new 4.0 version, which powers every site. Check out what’s new!

Native Lead Tracking, Opt-ins, and CRM

Evermore's Native CRM Activity Tracking

Now, you can see the activity of every visitor on your site right in the admin area of your website. No need to connect to Google Analytics (though you certainly still can)—track visits, page views, and form submissions for everyone. This helps you identify what’s working and what might not be on your site, what content is reaching what kinds of visitors, and see where your traffic is coming from.

Opt-In Popups, Popovers, and More

Easily add an opt-in form in places proven to grow your email subscriber list—which is arguably the best way to build and interact with your audience. Trigger popups in the middle of the screen or in the bottom right based on different criteria, or add a “sticky” bar to the top of your site to catch visitors’ attention. You’ll be growing your list in no time!


On top of that, you can convert these visitors to Contacts, which you can tag and segment based on their behavior. This lets you understand what prospective customers need to see before they convert, so you can talk about what matters to them.

While all that’s useful in its own right, you can also add an additional layer of syncing to MailChimp or Constant Contact based on these segments, and Contacts can easily be exported if you ever need to.

Display Form Entries On Your Site

Our already robust forms solution just got even better! Now, more opportunities than ever are open to you—all based on the simple premise of visually building forms and display the submissions.

Creating a public directory? Done.
Job listings? Easy.
Staff profiles? Just set things up once and you’re good to go.

And, since you can already password-protect your content, you can easily control who sees what without having to create logins for them.

You’ve got several options to choose from on how submissions are displayed, so you’ve got all the flexibility you need. The possibilities are virtually endless.

WordPress 4.0

Evermore takes care of all the stuff you don’t need to worry about, and that includes keeping the core of your content management system up to date. All of our customers got WordPress 4.0 on the day it was released without having to touch a thing.

Evermore updates WordPress automatically.Better Editing

The content editing pane now expands automatically and the formatting bar “sticks” to the top of your browser window when you scroll down. This is a huge improvement over the previous experience.

Media Management

The Media Library got a big makeover. Browse your images (and other types of media) in a scannable grid.

Whew! That’s a lot for one week, and we’ve got more planned. Stay tuned for future additions and improvements.

For existing customers: you can turn on these features by clicking ‘Plugins’ in your admin area. Activate ‘LeadIn’ for tracking, CRM, and the rest. Activate ‘GravityView’ to start displaying form entries.

And, if you’re not on Evermore yet, but you like the sound of this update, why not take a look at what you’re missing?

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Written by Cliff Seal. Last Updated 10 years ago.
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