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Power of Images: Faces

In my last post, I covered how to be smart with your images and avoid negative reactions by properly engaging sympathy and empathy. I mentioned that seeing another human face has psychological effects on its own. Let’s unpack that a bit. A basic understanding of the power of another person’s face as an image on …

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Choosing the Right Image Every Time

Visual content is powerful. Every small business owner should understand just how powerful images are and, most importantly, how they can leverage this phenomenon to their benefit. Prioritizing Visual Content In 2015, the average company budgeted $1.8 million for content marketing, and 82% of companies are prioritizing visual content inside of that: curated photos, videos, and illustrations. …

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Image Copyright, Licensing, & Why it Matters

Images have become the standard communication tool of our world.  1.8 billion images are uploaded everyday—that’s 657 billion images a year, posted, traded, and shared freely throughout the web  Why not co-opt an image or two from this plethora of seemingly free content? There are some potentially costly reasons not to do that. Copyright Infringement …

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Sources of Inexpensive and Free Images

You’ve got a website, a blog, and a multitude of semi-tended social media channels. You work hard to keep them all up to date, But engagement just isn’t what you’d hoped for and maybe, like me, you’ve questioned whether creating content is the best use of your time. How do you make people care and …

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