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The most popular content management system in the worldā€”by farā€”is the core of every Evermore site.

WordPress strikes a perfect balance between being intuitive and robust. You need “intuitive” in order to spend less time learning and more time focusing on your content; you need “robust” because every visitor expects a quality interaction.

Evermore offers the best of what’s built for WordPress.


Designs (“Themes”)

When you choose a design for your new site, you’re choosing a design and code that’s already been vetted by some of the smartest people in the WordPress community.

More options are always being considered for addition, but we have high standards. A poorly-built design creates more trouble for you and slower load times for your visitor.


Functionality (“Plugins”)

Many of the features of your site (form building, for instance) are powered by WordPress “plugins” used by thousandsā€”sometimes millions. These can be enabled and disabled by you to ensure that only the code that’s needed is run, keeping your site lean and fast for you and your visitors.

As with designs, we’re always considering new functionality to add.


WordPress Grows With You

Since WordPress is so popular and relies on common technology, your website doesn’t always have to be on Evermore to run.

Your site can be easily moved to a hosting company of your choice when your needs change. We’ll provide you (or your new service provider) with all the files you need to have exactly the same site in a new location. The only cost you may incur is optional: some designs and functionality will require that you purchase a license for code updates and supportā€”but your website will always work as-is. We’ll help you know exactly what’s needed in your case.

How will you know when it’s time to move from Evermore to your own solution?

  • When you want a custom theme designed and built specifically for your company
  • When you must use functionality (often called a “plugin”) that Evermore doesn’t and won’t offer
  • When you (or an employee) become knowledgeable in managing WordPress environments, and you have the time and energy to do so
  • When your website regularly gets more than 100k visits each month
  • When your website budget restricts you to using the cheapest option available

In all of these cases (and others we haven’t thought of), we’ll help you get moving in the direction that works for your business.

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