Why We Started Evermore

Kyle BowmanFor our first post, I’d like to share a little bit of the heart behind Evermore and the people we are trying to serve.

First of all, we believe in WordPress and its ability to empower people. It’s an incredibly powerful platform that can do so much.

There’s one small problem: it can do so much.

The Wild Wild West

I’ve often heard that the great thing about WordPress is that it’s Open Source—anyone can build themes and plugins for the consumer. And, the bad thing about WordPress is that anyone can build themes and plugins for the consumer.

Who is the gatekeeper of quality?

With thousands and thousands of plugins and themes, the options are virtually endless. To make things more confusing, some of the plugins and themes are poorly built, even though they look good. Lemons. For the non-WordPress expert, this can be incredibly frustrating, and creates a situation where three options exist:

  1. Commit a substantial amount of time to learning, so that they can begin to understand what’s happening.
  2. Pay a substantial amount of money for an expert—who may or may not get them what they want at the price they had in mind.
  3. Abandon WordPress for a proprietary platform like Squarespace that locks in their options for growth.

Time and Money: A Happy Medium

We believe there’s a better way for many folks, and we believe Evermore is it. For the savvy individual who sees the value of WordPress as a long-term tool for his or her business, Evermore is the ideal solution. It has the benefits of a platform—namely, on-going support, standardization of quality, and fixed pricing—with the flexibility of Open Source technology.

With Evermore, you’ll have:

  • Vetted, premium-quality themes and plugins—no lemons, guaranteed
  • Pro-level hosting and site speed
  • Worry-free security
  • Ongoing support for customer questions
  • Professional videos and tutorials that empower you
  • Transparent pricing with no contract
  • Freedom to move your entire site to another host at anytime—in fact, we’ll help you make the transition
  • Timely and tested maintenance and updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins

We want to challenge the idea that a savvy individual needs to pay $3,000-5,000 (or more) for a site that gets built and handed over, just to get outside a proprietary platform.

You can have that same level of quality and freedom, along with fast, secure hosting, helpful support and maintenance, transparent monthly pricing and no contract. You can gain the freedom to focus. That’s why we started Evermore.

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Written by Kyle Bowman. Last Updated 10 years ago.

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