WordPress Powers Addiction Recovery

In this edition of our WordPress Empowerment Series, Troy Haas tells us how Hope Quest Ministry Group has used their website to reach and engage with families impacted by addiction.

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What’s your role inside of your organization?

I am the Executive Director and am responsible for all day-to-day operations, as well as helping set and implement strategic goals for our future.

How does your organization use WordPress?

Our primary website is built in WordPress. It is so user friendly in terms of the execution of our marketing strategies, as well as communicating with our partners. It allows us to make changes and edits simply without significant training. We also use WordPress for some internal collaboration and communication.

How has your organization’s use of WordPress changed over time?

We had a small web presence with WordPress, but in learning the ease and adaptability of it, we made a decision to go all in.

When did you personally start using WordPress, and what was that experience?

I started with a personal and ministry blog. I found WordPress easy to learn and use for someone with limited web design or technical experience.

How has your knowledge of and confidence with WordPress changed since you started?

As my confidence and comfort has grown, I find myself able to entrust our web presence to others on the team, freeing up my time.

How has your current WordPress-based website benefitted your organization?

We have an amazing website that has seen traffic grow and interaction increase. It also has allowed us to keep fresh content updated on our website to drive more traffic and interaction.

What has helped you the most in your journey of using WordPress?

Travis Smith.

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Written by Cliff Seal. Last Updated 7 years ago.
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